Customer Favorites

  • Style 440

    Toiletry Bag

    Hanging Travel Toiletry Kit
  • Style 930

    40" Length

    Garment Bag with Embroidery Pocket
  • Style 415

    66" Gown Length

    Destination Wedding Bag
  • Style 447

    Women's Travel Tote

    Carry-On Tote


  • Framed Bi-Fold

    Multiple pockets and plenty of room for folded clothes

  • Framed w/Shoulder Strap

    Easy to carry-on or check-in

  • Slim Garment Bag

    Ideal for short trips

  • Destination Wedding Garment Bag

    Takes the stress out of wedding travel

  • Shoulder Strap Garment Bag

    Patented shoulder strap design

  • GarmenTote® Tri-Fold

    Tri-fold design fits both suit and dress length clothing

  • Everyday Collection

    Featuring the WallyLock® hanger clamp

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